Carissa’s Christmas List: Part 3

I think this is the last list in my series.  It’s starting to get pretty random.  Plus I included loungewear, which I’m pretty sure my whole family will absolutely cringe at.  I used to own a beige velour lounge suit, and I wore it well beyond the limits of what is socially acceptable.   

1 – My name on a necklace!  I never see ‘Carissa’ on stuff, so this is pretty much a must-have.

2, 3 – pretty gold necklaces

4 – vintage ‘70’s clutch

5 – love print

6 – love pillow

7 – brass candle sconces

8, 9 – the infamous loungewear (someone PLEASE get this for me!!!)

vintage suzani – 1, 2

I was on a quest for a vintage suzani this summer.  Then I got sidetracked.  But this week, I was totally re-inspired when I saw Naomi’s house tour on DesignSponge.  Her loft is AMAZING.  See the tour here.  Here’s the shot with the suzani:

via DesignSponge


  1. Looks like a great list to me, velour and all! I was so blown away by Naomi's loft tour and I want one of everything including her suzani tablecloth.

  2. I love the "love" pillow. And sometimes I wear yoga pants and a workout shirt...even when there's absolutely no chance of me going to the gym that day.

  3. I want some lounge wear too that I can wear when travelling!!

  4. When I was a kid, I could never find my name on anything. I didn't even know another Kelly until high school! You definitely need to the Carissa necklace :-)

    Love the bold pattern & colour in Naomi's house. The suzani as a tablecloth looks great.

  5. I am dying over the suzani as well...it's just such an absolutely amazing pattern/color...LOVE. And that is *awesome* that necklace has your name on it! I know how you feel about never finding your name on anything!


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