Happy Friday everyone!  It’s a long weekend in Canada, and the kids are off school next week, so everyone is extra happy today. 

I’ve been doing a lot of kitchen work this week, and it seems like it’s been going relatively slowly.  Prepping is the worst.  I had to take everything out of my cabinets so that I could sand the frames.  What a MESS!!!  Plus, this is what my dining room looks like as a result:

Have a great weekend!  I’m off to start priming… for real this time!


  1. Good look with the priming and painting adventure! Enjoy your long weekend - we'll definitely be squeezing in some family time! :)

  2. Hope you enjoyed Family Day. We don't have that here in BC so it was business as usual for us:( Hope you were able to tackle lots in the kitchen.

  3. Hope it went well, Carissa, and you managed to squeeze in a little family time :)

  4. Carissa, I have been following you for a bit and just started following all your adventures on Instagram! Love!!! I thought i would come over and get aquainted with your older posts. I seriously, just chuckled to myslef at your sunburst clock! I have the same one and just turned it into a sunburst mirror! I couldnt find where you are from in Canada? We are one hour north of Toronto, Ontario.


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