OK, Kitchen… Let’s DO THIS!

Here’s what I’ve done so far this morning:

I transferred all of the clutter off of my countertops and onto the kitchen table. 

Giving the kitchen a mini-makeover has been on my list for a LONG time, but for some reason I just haven’t done it yet.  Yesterday, when it sunk in that the whole month of January had already flown by, I realized that I need to get myself in gear!  Sometimes you need to just get started and let the details fall into place as you go.

These things are definitely happening:

- The cabinets will be painted white (Benjamin Moore Moonlight White to match the paneling in the adjacent living room.)

- The backsplash will be white subway tile with dark grout, and will go all the way up the wall.

- Open shelves will go in the space where the clock is.

- The florescent light in the center will be replaced.

- The lights above the peninsula will be replaced.


These things are yet to be determined:

- Can the bulk head above the window and peninsula come down?  (There used to be a row of cabinets attached to it, which provided loads of storage, but blocked the view of the living room.  They were the first thing to go when we moved in.)  If we can remove the bulk head, the space will feel much taller and more open.  However, we have no idea what the ceiling is like under there.  Needs further investigation.

- When we remove the central florescent light, will we need to install a few pot lights to make it bright enough?

- What type of fun lighting will I choose to replace the florescent?  And will I have to replace the one above the kitchen table as well?

So today’s task… removing the old backsplash!  Hopefully I can get it down without completely destroying the plasterboard behind it.  I have my doubts.  Wish me luck!


  1. Your plans sound fantastic! I can't wait to see it all come together! Good luck... I need to try and focus on this fireplace of mine haha

  2. Wow it is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see the "After"

  3. eee this is so fuN!!! Love the subway tile with dark grout idea. IF you like the light fixture above the table, you should keep it and find something that will go well with that! And you have a ton of windows so you'll get light in there but it wouldn't hurt to put some pot lights in the kitchen. xoxo

  4. awesome! so exciting. Thanks for the outline - can't wait to watch this unfold :)

  5. Good luck with demolition! Looking forward to following along with you on this project. It would be nice if that bulkhead could come down, and it would probably be good to have a few potlights in place of the florescent.

  6. so glad you're making that change, white subway tile is so much more you - x

  7. You are so ambitious and inspiring! Its going to be fabulous. Can't wait!

  8. I cannot wait to see your kitchen! It's going to look fabulous! I love kitchen transformations the most! Angie xo

  9. Your kitchen is such a great space - cant wait to see how it turns out!! xx


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