Insta-File: 08.19.2012

Aaack!  We’re at that point in the summer… the days are just slipping by too quickly! 

I’ve been enjoying hanging out with ‘the 4 boys’ (two of my own, two of my sister’s).  I love watching these guys play together.  They are the best of friends, and never get tired of one another (seriously!!!)  They make my job too easy! 

They’ve been loving the playground, but have also had fun playing tennis, building sand castles, and riding in a bike parade!  Click through to see more…

Oh… another highlight from last week was seeing Magic Mike with Care and Cristin… um, yeah… just go see it! 


  1. These are such lovely pictures! Bike parade in costume?! What a great idea! I still havent seen Magic Mike yet.!

  2. That is so nice that they are so close. I hope any little ones I have are close to their cousins! I need to get a move on so they are close in age! ;-) xx

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