Cancel! Cancel!

Ugh.  I’m Officially. The. Worst. 

I’ve already changed my mind on the ceiling scraping project.  Three main reasons:


2.  My crazily optimistic estimation of the scope of the project.

3.  My desire to stay married.

Allow me to elaborate…

1.  MESS - Kind of obvious… but even I (ha!) underestimated how bad it would be. I’ve already cleaned twice, and we’re still finding chunks of ceiling popcorn everywhere.  Like the top of the fridge.  (Ooops.  That may have been missed in the double cleaning.)  Under the microwave, all over the railings.  It’s literally everywhere.


2.  PROJECT SCOPE - Yesterday was cloudy, so it was like looking at the ceiling through a filter.  Today in the bright sunshine there were just way too many imperfections on my ‘smooth’ ceiling.  I think I’m too much of a perfectionist to be happy with it like that.  My Dad thinks we can sand the rough parts.  But seriously… scraping, then SANDING the whole ceiling???  Is WAY too much work for me.

3.  MARRIAGE - I don’t think Jeff we can live with the mess of scraping/sanding every room in the main floor of our house.  So we’re going to have to re-popcorn the part that I scraped.  What a sad, sad sentence to type.  Blerg.  I was bitching and moaning mentioning to Jeff that our house was going to have to stay stuck in the ‘80s forever because of the ceilings.  He reminded me that if I wanted prettier ceilings we could build a new house in a new neighbourhood, but we wouldn’t live on the park where we can watch our kids walk to school, or have a yard surrounded by mature trees with bunches of perennials that are beginning to bloom. 


OK, fine.  The ceiling stays.


  1. oh no - such sad news. I was vaguely considering scraping our ceiling so I'm glad to get the low-down on how bad it is. How much did you get scraped before you gave up. I was considering putting up beadboard so I wouldn't have to do the sanding/making-it-perfect part. The only problem is all that leaning back and looking up may do my back/neck in. We just might stay stuck in the 80s too.

  2. ah man I have the same damn ceilings and I can't stand them. my marriage wouldn't surrvie the popcorn removal...

  3. sandra sanford6/19/13, 10:21 PM

    I think when the pro's remove popcorn they plastic the whole room off and all the mess is contained in the plastic. That is usually why they do popcorn so they don't have to do such a good job of the ceiling dry wall. Hope you can get rid of it , did it have sparkles in it too??

  4. Don't feel bad, you did what you had to do. A while ago, I started mine in a corner but I heard about the asbestos thing (in older homes) and had mine tested and since there was a small amount (not sure if it was enough to matter) I dropped the project. I have decided to live stylishly even with the popcorn and if you watch, you'll see the odd home featured in Style at Home with popcorn too :)

  5. Ok, but how about this: http://www.houzz.com/photos/279464/Dinning-Room-eclectic-dining-room

  6. Wonder if you could rent one of those sanders attached to a vacuum that just sucks things up as you go along? No, sorry, I'll keep my mouth shut!

    1. love your comment Christy! I think that's an awesome idea! hehehe


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