Fabulous Design + Architecture

Big news around here!  After about two years of thinking about turning my design hobby into a legit business, it’s actually happening!  I’ve teamed up with my friend Marilena, who is an architect and loves interior design.  We’ll do the official intro’s in another post, but as you can probably guess, she’s fabulous!

the fabulous girls-9

(Carissa on left, Marilena on right)

Speaking of Fabulous… I took a design course last year, and it cautioned against using words like ‘Fabulous’ in business names because it might alienate potential clients.  Huh???  Marilena and I agreed that if anyone is not ok with Fabulous, then we definitely want to alienate them because #1 – they probably suck and #2 – they probably won’t like us anyways!

So the official business name is:

FD A stacked

We’ve been working hard on the branding, portfolio, website, and social media stuff, and the official launch is set for September.  (We spend a disproportionate amount of time talking about our launch party!)  For now, we thought it might be fun to start documenting our business adventures on the blog. 

If want all of the details, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest too!

photo by Cynthia Hernandez


  1. Awesome!!! This is such great news and I'm thrilled for you ladies. xoxo

  2. Congratulations on this new venture! How exciting - and fabulous ;)

  3. So, this is just slightly awesome (or should I say fabulous)! Yay for you. Looking forward to hearing the details.

  4. Can't wait for the official launch!

  5. Carissa!!!! Last time I stopped by your blog I saw you had took a little blogging break same as myself, since im back working full time and have 3 kids running about now I barely find time to keep up with the housework let alone blog but I do manage the odd post from time to time, anyways I saw one of your pins on pinterest tonight so came straight over to your blog, im so happy you are turning your dream into reality, I don't doubt it will be a great success, just wanted to wish you the very best in your new adventure, love careen xx

  6. Congratulations! Long overdue :) Looking forward to reading about your successes x


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